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DIS1000 and dis3000


Print A Line

It’s one of the things large format dye sublimation printer professionals have been taking for granted for YEARS.

Because the head fly time on a 3 meter roll of fabric is so long, the idea that you have to program in printing an extra line of all of your ink colors at the end of the print heads run is ingrained. It has to be. So you may not even notice the TIME YOU’RE WASTING.

Well, you’re going to have to “un-program” yourself and your business to print that extra line – because Digital Ink Sciences has developed sublimation inks with the longest decap time in the industry.

Sure it means less head maintenance.

Yes, it will save you a few pennies in wasted ink.

But the real savings is in PRODUCTION TIME.

You will make more money every hour your printer runs. Because while you’re used to every single line of a graphic taking the same amount of time to print. And you must be because even if you are only printing on the first 50% of the roll from right to left your print head STILL need to make that whole trip.

That’s like driving from New York to Las Vegas, but having to stop in LA on the way.

Once you’re free from printing that last line to make sure your ink doesn’t dry up, you just get to head for the casino. No extended trip charge.

On top of that you’ll get amazing color and outstanding wet and dry crock fastness that will make YOUR
customers excited to come back again and again.

Available in Low and High Viscosity to work in the best print heads on the market today. See the tables on back for your model, then contact us.

DIS Direct/Transfer Series Ink

Our Direct and Transfer Series ink from Digital Ink Sciences was designed to print on a wide range of Textiles and Apparel and to produce the highest quality image and excellent durability in wash-fastness and crock.


• Excellent jettability with no clogging or mis directed nozzles.

• Strict quality control standards for consistent batch to batch reliability.

• Dry and wet crock performance is 4-5

• Non-toxic and environmentally friendly

Technical Specifications


6 color gamut mapping (CMYK LtC LtM)

End User Experience


Ink Stability


Better “Jetability”


Maintains Nozzle Integrity


Hot Start Technology


Lower Maintenance


Incredible Blacks


11% Wider Color Gamut




Print Durability


Soft Hand


Stretch-ability. Elasticity. Flexibility.


Checked. And ready to make your printers look good.

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