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DIS150 and DIS250 Pigment inks

Next Generation Aqueous Inks For Textiles

Start Faster, Run Longer and Print Better

No compromises.
Everything you’ve been asking for.

DIS has spent the past 4 years getting deep into the textile ink business. Talking with the biggest printers in the industry. Working with manufacturers. Testing in our US laboratories, re-formulating, testing again. Checking all the boxes the perfect ink set needs to check.
First, we checked the boxes related to hardware and are compatible with the most advanced printheads in the industry.

DIS150 Printhead Compatibility


Epson DX5


Epson DX7

DIS 250 Printhead Compatibility


Ricoh G4


Ricoh G5 – WITH optimized waveform


Ricoh GH2220/2420 heads

Mastering the latest print heads means with also produced the highest impact colors. We heard that as needing the blackest blacks, the whitest whites and the ability to add for specific applications.



High Impact Colors

Then we addressed how the inks impact DURABILITY and Operational Efficiency of those printheads and then checked more boxes.


Ink Stability


Better “Jetability”


Maintains Nozzle Integrity


Lower Maintenance

The lower maintenance that comes from using DIS-150 Low-Viscosity and DIS – 250 Mid-Viscosity Inks for direct to garment printers, because of better stability, jetability and nozzle integrity – means time saved. It means less printer down time. It means more shirts printed. It means fewer issues and more profits.

And we developed the
Perfect Drop.

The Perfect Drop – created by the wave form and unique ink properties – means that more of the ink lands on the shirt and less gets dispersed into the air, and onto your encoder strip.

The Perfect Drop hits the same spot on your textile over and over again – that means that you can lower the resolution and print FASTER without compromising print quality.

It’s less labor. It’s faster.
It reduces maintenance.
And that all contributes to the:

Operator Experience


Hot Start Technology

One of the most common complaints we heard while working with large users is the wasted time for startup. The time between when you turn on the lights in the shop and print your first shirt. With these inks… how fast can you run?


Lower Maintenance

Fewer head cleanings and flushes mean you’re printing more shirts more often and making more money. [it’s worth saying again]


Shortest Cure Times

Of course DIS inks are compatible with both heat press and tunnel dryers for curing. And those times are the best in the business.


…if your customer experience isn’t just as amazing too.

End User Experience


CMYK* and Ultra White


Incredible Blacks


11% Wider Color Gamut




Print Durability


Soft Hand

The print quality is clearly, beautifully and consistently amazing. So every customer will love the look and feel of the end product.

And just as you’d suspect from a company that spent so much time and attention on the Inks and Pretreatments they wash and wear incredibly well.

To learn more about our ink technology contact us.

But we checked a box that no one expected.


Stretch-ability. Elasticity. Flexibility.

And that’s what our

mid-viscosity inks deliver.

If a design is more flexible, more stretch-able, it will wash better, wear better and especially LOOK better.

There’s no better ink set for YOUR customers than the

DIS-150 Low-Viscosity and DIS-250 Mid-Viscosity Inks.

That was our goal when we developed the

DIS150 and DIS250 Pigment Ink sets. And we did it.

Are your requirements not filled by our current ink set?

Find out what’s in development or consult with Ink Sciences development team to create custom inks and/or pretreatments for your application.