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About Digital Ink Sciences

Digital Ink Sciences was started on the premise that there must be a better way.

Inkjet printing for industrial applications was already a mature industry when Digital Ink Sciences got its start, but while the printing hardware improved dramatically over the years, and the image processing software became more capable there were few advances in the ink itself. This lack of progress coupled with the increasingly diverse and advancing textile industry was causing widespread disillusionment in the inkjet printing in general and in the garment printing industry in specific.

The founders of Digital Ink Sciences were participating in various aspects of the direct to garment industry, from manufacturing to applications to sales, and experienced the affects of this stagnation in development personally.

That’s when the people that would be Digital Ink Sciences decided not just that there must be a better way, but that they would be the ones to find it – and to apply that same determination, skill and experience to developing ink sets for other applications as well.

Today’s Digital Ink Sciences has proven it’s abilities in pigment ink development and is one of the most advanced research and development firms in the US when it comes to pigment and other ink sets. In addition to advanced research facilities, Digital Ink Sciences also has state of the art, large scale manufacturing capabilities, so once your custom ink solution is discovered and tested, it can be manufactured is small or large batches on the spot.