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Introducing DIS150 Series

Ink Development & Manufacturers

Industry Expertise

When we say Industry Expertise we mean industry-wide, cross market, hardware independent knowledge of how the new digital printing industry works. We know where our products, capabilities and intellectual properties can be applied to make the most difference and we track the apparel and textile printing markets in all forms in order to stay not just current, but ahead of the marketplace.

Ink Sciences is ready to apply the combined 200+ years of our team’s Industry Expertise to your digital pigment ink applications right now. Just contact us here to start.

Application Specialists

Application Expertise is the experience and the ability to guide you and your company to a specific end result. This is not a set of academic exercises or studies, although those may be needed to develop the solution. Application expertise is a hands-on approach to solving problems, overcoming obstacles, breaking down barriers that stand between you and a new product, you and profitability, you and success.

Our Application Expertise is one of the many ways that Ink Sciences is more than a digital ink development company, it’s a development partner. Learn more about our application expertise now.

Pigment & Sublimation Ink

Development & Manufacture

The heart of Digital Ink Sciences is the science of pigment and digital ink development. We marry our Industry Expertise and our Hands-on Application skills with materials sciences, rheology, fluid dynamics and a multi-disciplinary team of scientists that know inks, know printing, and know what it takes to bring a finished product to market.

Our revolutionary pigment ink sets are designed for direct to garment printing in the Ricoh GH220, Ricoh G4 and Epson DX5 and DX7 print heads.

Are your requirements not filled by our current pigment ink set? Find out what’s in development or consult with Ink Sciences development team to create custom inks and/or pre treatments for your application here.

Current White Label Direct to Garment Inks

We take the same approach to all of our ink development projects. Evaluate the current market leader, then solve the issues and advance the feature set through superior development and manufacture.


Because of the carefully tuned viscosity in our Direct to Garment pigment ink sets, especially the white ink, we’re able to provide superior jetability. That means fewer head cleanings, lower maintenance, more time printing and less wasted ink.


Print longevity doesn’t just depend on the inks, but also on the substrate, curing times and temperatures. Our Applications expertise has made us uniquely qualified to work with our customers not only to develop specific procedures for individual applications, but to bring better wash ability to our ink set for any application.

Pre Treatments

The science of pre treatment is at least equal the pigment inks themselves. Many manufacturers have difficulty keeping current with the developments in textile manufacturing that may impact pre treatment performance because they are too large to move quickly, or simply do not have the application expertise required. We do.

Color Gamut

During our research we found that the current ink sets used with Ricoh GH220, Epson DX5 and DX7 heads as well as similar proprietary technologies had a very restrictive color gamut. A smaller color gamut in this case means poor reproduction of browns, reds and other similar hues. Our pigment inks for direct to garment has the widest color gamut on the market.

True Aqueous Inks

There’s  growing popularity in ink development for direct to garment applications to increase the amount of solvents in pre treatments to achieve better adhesion and faster cure times. These solvents have an adverse affect on the many polypropelene components in most textile printers. Our pigment ink set has achieved the desired results while maintaining it’s aqueous nature.

Risk Free Supply Chain

Take the risk out of your supply chain! Port closures, labor issues, tarrifs and even the weather are controlling your business when you order overseas.

Digital Ink Sciences science, sales and manufacturing takes place 100% in the USA. All components to manufacture are created here using patented processes and formulas.

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